IT-oLogy presents: Trends 2015

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Cybersecurity 2020: The Impact of Digital Business on Security

Join us for Trends, our annual conference focused on technology issues and topics that are “trending” nationally as well as regionally/locally.   This year’s topic is the overall digital transformation taking place in society (everything is becoming ‘digital’) and the associated security issues that come along with it.  A Gartner analyst will kick off the day with “Cybersecurity 2020: The Impact of Digital Business on Security.”

A massive “digital transformation” is taking place in society and the pace is only accelerating.  Industries, as well as organizations and individuals, are being impacted in ways never imagined.  What are examples of this transformation?  How is it having an impact?  Why is it important?

Wednesday, October 28, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST, IT-oLogy, 1301 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201

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