IT Jobs Series: Information Support and Services

By October 22, 2012 Promote IT

In our first post of our IT Jobs Series, we’ll discuss one of the broadest groups in the IT Career Cluster: Information Support and Services. Experts in this field generally extend their knowledge and expertise to help others figure out their technology. Depending on what field the worker is in one’s day can consist of anything from setting up work desktops in an office to maintaining database security for a large company. The responsibilities for this kind of field are especially important to an average company, since IT support experts are one of the first sources of technological help for companies working on computers (which, when you think about it, adds up to a lot). Sample tasks include: software and hardware training, providing PC support, testing and installing software systems, and integrating multiple databases. If you enjoy personal interaction along with problem-solving and hands-on participation, IT Service may be the right path for you.

It might be easy to know what kind of things you’re good at or interested in, but when it comes to job hunting, credentials and certifications are important to have on one’s resume. Though an Associate degree in Administrative Office Technology or a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Information Technology are both great ways to show your academic studies in the area, they are not one way tickets to a job. IT service management has numerous other ways to show a person’s professional expertise in an area, some of which being:

  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • CompTIAA+ Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • Certified Information Security Services Professional (CISSP)

The outlook for IT support is one of the best in the country. More than 216,000 jobs in IT support are expected immediately. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT field has a job growth projection of around 35% over the next three years. With annual salary ranges between $30,000 – $100,000 depending on one’s expertise and academic achievements, the IT Service field is one that can provide for personal growth and achievement as well as professional stability.


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