IT Career Spotlight – Software Developers

By August 10, 2020 Careers
Software Developers


You’re surrounded by it.

Look at the apps on your smartphones, the computer games that you or your kids play, even the applications on your smart TV. All of this was created by software developers. Looking at how often we use these programs at applications, it’s no surprise that software development jobs are in high demand.

What do software developers do?

So, we know that software developers are responsible for bringing these applications to life, but what exactly does someone in this position do? Software developers must approach creating an application or program from both a creative and a technical point of view. From brainstorming the design and user interface of the application, to analyzing user needs, to overseeing the coding process; software developers are necessary when creating any application.

In demand

In 2020, software developers are in high demand. According to, there were less than 50,000 computer science graduates in 2017 and over 500,000 open computing-related positions. The need for software developing and engineering positions is expected to greatly grow in the next decade, making these candidates highly sought after. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for an entry level software developer is $57,646, and these entry-level positions can have a starting salary as high as $80,000.


What skills does a software developer need? Despite what many folks might think, most companies prefer a software developer who has a balance of soft and hard skills. Important soft skills for software developers include; a good sense of teamwork, problem-solving capabilities, analytical and strategic thinking, and the ability to stay motivated. The top technical or “hard” skills that employers look for in a software developer are experience with the following; Java®, SQL, software engineering, JavaScript®, Python®, Microsoft® C#, Linux, Git, Oracle, and DevOps.

Ideal industries

Software development is just one of the IT positions that is in high demand in 2020 and moving forward. With opportunities in fields such as manufacturing, finance and insurance, software publishers and engineering services, software developers can find a company that fits their skills, work environment and interests!

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