IT Career Fair: 200 College Students Representing 40 Colleges/ Universities

On August 14th, your company representatives have the opportunity to meet 200 college students representing more than 40 colleges/ universities from across the country – all pursuing computing and IT related majors?   These students are in Charlotte to attend the annual STARS Celebration of Broadening Participation in Computing national conference, August 13 – 15 at the Convention Center.

IT-oLogy is hosting the conference career fair in conjunction with STARS Computing Corps on the afternoon of August 14th from 3:00 – 6:00 pm.  Now is the time to reserve an exhibit booth for your organization.   It is the perfect opportunity to speak with early talent and intern candidates.

IT-oLogy is proud to be a STARS partner over the years.   We benefit from the outreach of UNC Charlotte and CPCC STARS students who frequently lead the IT-oLogy monthly Cyber Saturday program free to middle and high school students.     Students are regularly invited guests at the IT-ology programs and events.

About STARS Computing Corps

STARS Computing Corps is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grow a larger, more diverse, computing workforce through our ability to promote the K-12 pipeline while developing computing college students with deep technical skills and broad leadership abilities.


About STARS National Conference: 

The annual STARS Celebration, attended by hundreds of faculty and students from across the country, features sessions on developing leadership skills, technical skills, and preparing for graduate study or career advancement.  Students and faculty also present the results of their outreach projects, attend workshops on best practices and curriculum for K-12 computing outreach, and build community centered around common interests in civic engagement and broadening participation in computing.   Students are always eager to meet industry representatives at the career fair.

To reserve an exhibit booth, contact Kay Read,  [email protected]

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