Intern Jack Lee talks about his accomplishments this week at SCANA.

As the semester is getting to the end, the time for me and SCANA Corporation to go our separate ways is also coming close. I will be deeply sad on my last day of employment at SCANA, but right now, I just have to not think about it and try to make the best of it.

This week is a slow week, with not a lot of jobs for the Workstation Support Department. I have been imaging some old machines occasionally and wiping old computers twice a week. According to my supervisor, the last day of my Co-Op at SCANA Corporation will be May 10, which is the day before my graduation. My co-worker Michael Taylor also told me that SCANA is about to bring summer students in for a new batch of Co-Op employment. I even helped set up a new workstation for the summer Co-Op students. Thinking about my time at SCANA, I have really learned a lot new IT skills, and I hope I can use them during my future career.

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