Guest Post: IT Certifications

mollieIf you have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and just found the IT light, or if you found yourself enthralled with IT in a different way, there are many certificate programs that provide a person the qualification to perform a specific job within IT. After receiving a certificate, think about getting experience and even your Master’s degree to further your IT education.


ACSP, which stands for Apple Certified Support Professional, is a certification awarded to those who demonstrate a clear understanding of the Mac OS X platform and its functionality. Additionally, an ACSP certified individual can assist Mac users with Mac OS X functionality, perform basic troubleshooting, and also execute key services.

Adobe Certification

Graphics designers, artists, editors and photographers are some of the more obvious professionals who could enhance their careers with an Adobe certification. After achieving the ACE certification, a person can go on to become an Adobe Certified Instructor or an ACE Master.


The CISSP certification offered by ISC2 is one of the toughest and most highly regarded security certifications available. CISSP stands for Certified Information Security Professional, and this certification covers a wide range of information security and policy topics. It is highly sought after by higher-level IT professionals.


Industrial technology is one of the best paying career fields in the country. The person who works in the field uses technology to improve the production levels of a company, reducing the time spent on each operation and increasing revenue. There are many types of IT certifications—in this article we will deal exclusively with one of them: the CSSA (Certified SonicWall Security Administrator).

CEH (EC-Council)

One of the most exciting IT positions available today is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). The CEH performs a valuable service in the private and public sectors in the security of computer and cloud data. Ethical hacking is a compelling field and appeals to all types of technical professionals.

Network+ / A+

A+ certification is a good way for beginners to succeed in the IT field. This provides them with essential knowledge of the primary tasks that IT professionals perform. They can obtain entry level positions such as help desk technicians. These jobs may not provide a lucrative salary rate, but it is a good stepping stone.

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