Guest Blog Post: Updates and Software Installation becomes easier at SCANA

Intern Jack Lee talks about his work experiences at SCANA this week.

This is my fourth week working at SCANA Corporation. I had a very productive week–we have lots of projects going on, and I provided a lot of assistance for my co-workers. I feel more and more happy working at SCANA Corporation.

The highlight of my week came on Friday, when I was invited to a staff meeting. We talked about some up coming projects. It turns out that we have to help update all the machines for a big department. I guess there will be more computer imaging jobs for me to do next week. After the meeting, we also learned about a new script that was written by one of our co-workers. The script provides a special function that will allow the computer to update and install software on its own. Despite some occasional clicking and agreeing to software terms, the script has made life easier for staff and shortened program installation time. Normally, it takes many hours to install all the applications, but the new script only needs about 15 to 20 minutes. This script is incredible, and our workstation department is looking forward to using it in the future.

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