Guest Blog Post: SCANA Internship

By November 30, 2012 Grow IT
Jack Lee is an international student doing an internship at SCANA Corporation.

This is my third week working for SCANA Corporation. I have to admit that I am really happy that I have a chance to work here. The staff members are friendly, and they treat me like their family. It gives me the feeling that I do belong working for SCANA.

This week is in fact my second full week of work due to the Thanksgiving Holiday last week. I have become more familiar with the application called Magic. Magic is the special application that the work station support team uses. Every day we receive multiple incident reports from different departments within the company, and as work station support staff members, we have to help resolve the issues. Due to the fact that I am still new to the team, I have up to now only taken care of the incidents that involve re-installing computer monitors. However, as the week progressed, I have taken on different incidents and resolved them easily. I am also learning new information technology skills from solving the incidents.  My mentor, Mike Taylor, taught me many new computer skills, such as imaging computers and encrypting the operating system. When I master those skills, I will be able to apply them in the future incidents.

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