Guest Blog Post: SCANA Internship (Jack Lee)

Jack Lee is an international student doing an internship at SCANA corporation.

After a long Christmas break, I returned to SCANA for my spring semester Co-Op. I have to admit to the fact that I truly missed working at SCANA. Everyone welcomed me back when I returned, and I told them how much I had missed them and that I will work extra hard this semester.

I resumed my primary job duties as soon as I stepped into the office. I checked in equipment and imaged more desktop machines. My mentor Mike Taylor taught me how to fix the black square on the computer monitor. My workstation support team leader Mack Anderson taught me how to install a USB video adapter in order to hook up a third monitor to a work station. I also got the chance to meet an old member of the workstation support team, Bryan Bright, who had been out of the office due to a knee surgery. I worked on various projects with my co-workers and gained more knowledge.

I will continue to work hard and I hope I will be hired as a full-time employee in the future.


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