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Student Programs

We’re excited to announce new student programs for our lineup this year! For students interested in learning more about technology, IT-oLogy is the place to be! We’ve added a wide variety of technology topics to our lineup. Review these topics here!


The Robotics Fundamentals workshop will introduce students to the exciting world of robotics and teach them the skills they need to program their robots to perform specific functions. The content can help prepare them for robotics competitions. Learn more about robotics.

Cyber Field Trips

IT-oLogy hosts elementary and middle school classes for delivery of IT enrichment content that aligns with CSTA and South Carolina Department of Education standards. Teachers and/or group leaders can schedule a cyber outing for their classes. Learn more about cyber field trips.

Cyber Saturdays

One Saturday morning each month (August through May), students in grades three through twelve enjoy a fun, educational workshop on a different technology topic. Learn more about Cyber Saturdays.

Cyber Summer Camps

IT-oLogy’s summer camp offerings are a must for elementary and middle school students interested in technology. Multiple camps are open each summer. Learn more about Cyber camps.

Aspirations in Computing (Women in IT, Science and Engineering)

IT-oLogy is the South Carolina Affiliate for the Aspirations in Computing award. The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing honors young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. Learn more about Aspirations in Computing.


Professional Development for Teachers

In order to make a lasting impact on cyber education and South Carolina’s future technology workforce, we must value and invest in our teachers! As our teachers grow professionally and shape our students, true change will happen. IT-oLogy is teaming up with our national partners Cyber Innovation Center and Code.org to provide world-class professional development for our teachers.

Cyber Professional Development (Cyber Innovation Center curricula)

IT-oLogy offers participating schools a dynamic professional development experience for teachers while also building a strong support network of teachers across the state. The professional development model is designed for teachers to gain hands-on experience with projects and technology that provides new, innovative ways to engage students in both formal and informal settings. Upon the conclusion of the workshop, each teacher receives a certificate of completion that identities the total number of professional development hours completed. They can work with their local district or state to earn continuing education units where appropriate. Cyber Professional Development is a component of The South Carolina Cyber Interstate™. Learn more about cyber professional development.

Code.org Professional Development

IT-oLogy has partnered with Code.org to offer workshops preparing educators (multi-disciplinary) and content-area teachers (librarians, tech-ed specialists, etc.) with computer science basics. The workshops cover curriculum content for teachers in elementary through high school. Teachers can earn continuing education units through this professional development. Learn more about Code.org professional development.


K-12 Programs For Students & Teachers

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