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IT Enrichment Program Topics

All IT Enrichment programs meet South Carolina Department of Education Computer Science Standards, ITEEA Standards in Technology Literacy, and ISTE National Education Technology Standards and cross all disciplines.  All IT Enrichment programs are customizable and geared for students 3rd grade and up unless otherwise noted in the description.  Previous experience with technology and/or programming is not required for any topic.


3D Print Design – Students will learn the fundamentals of additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D Printing.  Students will design 3D objects using the Python programming language while learning and applying geometry skills.

Agriculture Technology – With the use of sensors and circuits, students will pre-define moisture thresholds, compare, collect and record data.  The Scratch application will be used to program the data collected to simulate whether the soil is wet, dry, or needs watering to properly cultivate their plant.

Animation – Students will unleash their ideas and creativity to make animated masterpieces using digital animation applications.

Arduino – Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.  Students will assemble the circuit, find the code, upload it to the Arduino, and enjoy the light show.

App Creation or Gaming – Students will be introduced to coding to create applications or games by writing text-based code in JavaScript.  Students will easily use creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming techniques.

Circuity – Students will learn the fundamental components of circuitry and a practical understanding of electronics to build a circuity project.

Drones – Students will learn drone operation fundamentals and complete mini navigational challenges.

HTML Web Design – Students will learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to create web pages and display other information in a web browser.

Makerspace – Students discover their creative side and spark their imagination by exploring, crafting, hacking and tinkering using electronics, robotics and art materials.

Microbits – Students will be introduced to JavaScript through the BBC Micro:bit.  Students will create mini games and complete challenges using the Micro:bit’s various sensors and LEDs.

Raspberry Pi – Students will explore computing and programming in languages like Scratch and Python.  The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. ***Only hosted at the IT-oLogy location***

Robotics – Students will learn the fundamentals of robotics and complete mini challenges using computer programming and the LEGO, MBot or BoeBot robots.

TechExplorers – Pre-K through 2nd grade students will relate to the adventures of memorable characters in amusing stories, explore technology with hands-on STEAM activities and learn timeless principles.  Principles include responsibility, attentive listening, communication, life balance, and more!  ***Only hosted for students 4-7 years of age***

Virtual or Augmented Reality – Students will engage in virtual or augmented reality exploration and activities. With Google Expeditions and the Mattel View-Master VR Viewer, students will explore virtual trips from around the world, go underwater and to outer space!


K-12 Program Topics

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