Inspiring Students

IT-oLogy created the IT-oLogy Innovation Challenge to help you unleash your incredible creativity to impact the world.  We’re looking across South Carolina for new innovative heroes who are ready to apply their education, creativity, and problem-solving skills to help others in their communities. Sound like you? We thought so!

If you’re struggling to think of your ideal project, we’ve included some examples of inventions by amazing students like you that are already making an impact.

Check these out!

  • Pedal-powered washing machine
  • New technique to increase crop yields
  • Ocean Clean-up Array
  • Inexpensive braille printer
  • A device that purifies water and produces clean energy simultaneously
  • Human waste bioreactor
  • Germ-killing door handle
  • Pollution-cleansing coating
  • Battery that charges in 20 seconds and lasts 10 times as long
  • Device that turns automobile exhaust into oxygen
  • Glove that translates sign language
  • Mine detector
  • E-wearable that notifies if an Alzheimer’s patient wanders off
  • Football helmet that reduces concussions
  • Pancreatic cancer detection tool
  • Makin’ bacon
  • Underwater walkie talkie
  • Crayon holder
  • And many more ingenious inventions!

Let these spark some exciting ideas! Let us take some pressure off of you – Your project does not have to “save the world.” We’re looking for projects that help solve community problems, both big and small.  Look around your community and you’ll find a problem that you can help fix.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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Innovation Challenge

Inspiring Students

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