Getting Started

What’s the environmental problem?

Look around. As you go about your daily routine, what problems do you see? Is litter a problem in your community? How about clean air?

You’ll find a variety of challenges that you could address in your project. Talk with family, friends and community leaders to get ideas. Your innovative project could lead to some helpful changes in your community!

How would you fix it?

Now that you have your problem, what are some ways to work to solve it? Is the answer to shine a light on the problem to rally the community’s help sufficient to fix it? Or does it require a new invention? Be sure to talk with those who struggle most with this issue. They can give you even greater insight into developing solutions. Together brainstorm ways that you could make this problem smaller, or go away!

Here’s the answer!

Choose a technology. Would an original invention that you can inexpensively 3D print take care of the issue? Does it require robotics? Maybe a video, website or app? Once you have your problem and solution, select the technology that would best bring your solution to life.

Create your project

Written Description: Tell us about your incredible project! In a short essay (not to exceed 1,000 words), answer these questions:

  • Why? Why did you choose this one? Describe the problem and why you want to solve it. What would it mean to you and others in your community if you can make an impact in making the problem go away?
  • What? Describe your project and what it does to address the problem.
  • Potential Impact? What results do you think we’ll see if your project is tried? You may want to get the input from community leaders on the potential impact.

Images: Take photos of your project to give us a visual of what you’ve created. Depending on your project, these can be screenshots, photos of your project on display or demonstrating its use. When you submit your project, you’ll upload up to 6 photos.

Video: Using a smart phone or video camera, shoot a video of you describing and demonstrating your project. Keep it under 5 minutes. Include others in your video who may benefit from your solution. Here’s where you can show us your passion and what this means to you!

Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or another platform of your choice. You’ll send us a link to the video when submitting your project.

Relevant Links: If your project is online (website, app, etc.), include the links. Be sure to submit login credentials if these are needed to access any part of your project.

Innovation Challenge

Getting Started

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