Cyber Foundations Online High School Competition

By August 28, 2012 Promote IT

Cyber Foundations Online High School Competition – an entry-level competition focusing on the fundamentals of cyber security and covers three important modules: Networking, Operating Systems and System Administration. 

Cyber Foundations has three competitions in each cycle:

  • Networking
  • Operating systems
  • System administration

Each competitor gets access to online training materials (for approximately two weeks) and then competes for prizes on competition day.

Module 1 – Networking – A firm understanding of Network fundamentals is essential to being able to secure a network or attack one. This section provides a broad overview of networking, covering the fundamental concepts needed to understand computer attacks and defenses from a network perspective.

Module 2 – Operating Systems – An operating system is a foundational piece of software that provides an interface to the hardware of a computer or device. Programs are written by application developers to utilize this interface, which are in turn utilized by human users and other programs to perform tasks and effectively manage the resources of the computer. Operating systems typically manage the interaction of the user and other software applications with the computer’s hardware, provide the ability to load and execute other programs, and implement important security functions.

Module 3 – System Administration – This module is intended to provide you with the tools you need to perform common administrative functions in some of the most popular scripting environments. We will examine PHP and PERL in the context of an Apache webserver, and then we will examine using GNU BASH and Microsoft Powershell scripting from the command line to complete every day administrative functions.

The Competition Day – Each module ends with a competition day where students skills will be tested with a series of quiz questions.

Each competition-day quiz can be completed in 40 – 90 minutes and may be taken any time during the day. Test scores and rankings will be available a few days after the competition has completed. Results are no longer updated live so as not to give an unfair advantage to competitors in later time zones.

NOTE: Competitors will need access to a computer with Internet access, including the ability to watch YouTube videos and read materials on numerous third-party websites to view all module tutorials content.

Fall 2012 Cyber Competition – Registration Open!

  • Aug 1 (Wednesday) – Registration Opens, 8am Eastern Time
  • Oct 15 (Monday) – Payment deadline
  • Oct 15 (Monday) – Registration deadline
  • Oct 20 (Saturday) – Module 1 (Networking) tutorials open
  • Oct 30 (Tuesday) – Competitor registration entry code deadline
  • Nov 2 (Friday) – Module 1 Competition
  • Nov 3 (Saturday) – Module 2 (Operating Systems) tutorials open
  • Nov 16 (Friday) – Module 2 Competition
  • Nov 17 (Saturday) – Module 3 (System Administration) tutorials open
  • Dec 7 (Friday) – Module 3 Competition
  • Dec 31 (Monday) – Access to content expires

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