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Set Yourself Apart with the Applied Computing Minor

Romona JeffreyOften times when I speak to students about the Applied Computing minor, they are quick to speak out that they are afraid to take subjects in that area. I always have to reassure students that the classes that are associated with the minor are meant for students such as themselves, students who don’t have a background in computer science and/or technology.

It’s important to be diverse; diversity sets you apart from the crowd. So majoring in Psychology, Music or Human Performance along with an Applied Computer minor demonstrates your ability to be capable in an area different than your field. Be competitive; set yourself apart from the crowd by doing an Applied Computing minor.


Romona Jeffrey
Coursepower Ambassador
Claflin University


Wrapping Up: Applied Computing Minor Impact

Travon TisdaleApproaching the end of the semester, I have learned so much from the applied computing minor and through the course work that I have done within the classes that I have had through this minor. One thing I can say is that this minor has made me realized the value my design skills not just web design but any type of designs that I want to see out in the world or up on the web for others to enjoy.

Looking back, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the beginning and not sure how the classes would be but I must say I learned so much in such a short time with the months we had to complete various projects that centered around the main career field we wanted to get into and how we can apply it to other real world situations that present itself.

One big challenge that I overcame this semester with this minor which also helped me figure out which way my career is leading towards is knowing where I can apply my design knowledge and skill and see how it can branch out into other fields that need a creative individual like myself.

So now with all that I have been learning I will be using my design skills and building a business around expanding my knowledge on various topics. Deciding how to use them in the business that I’m beginning to grow day by day. As I continue to promote the applied computing minor I will share the story of how this minor changed my perspective on life.


Travon Tisdale
Coursepower Ambassador
Claflin University

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