Coursepower Spotlight: Daris Thomas

By May 14, 2014 Coursepower

Benedict College political science and applied computing minor student, Daris Thomas, is excited about the future. This is because after a very short time in the applied computing program at Benedict College, Daris is already experiencing the fruits of his labor.

It has only been a semester since Daris declared the minor, but he is already being called for interviews in the tech field in the Midlands area.

With aspirations to go to law school and eventually become a judge, Daris was looking for something to enhance his major and guarantee him job opportunities in the near future. Being aware of the great need for IT talent in today’s job force, Daris decided to declare his minor as applied computing.

Daris added that, “The opportunities that I’ve encountered so far with the skillset that I’ve gained from the classes that I have taken have been wonderful.”

The Benedict college senior was excited at the prospect that he was already getting job opportunities because of a program he had not finished yet. Almost being guaranteed a job in the near future in today’s workforce does that to most though. With the expenses of law school in the future for Daris, a possible part-time job in IT would alleviate those stresses as well.

However, this is only one of the many great stories of someone within the Coursepower program that showcases the benefits of applying a tech underpinning to their majors. This minor could very well enhance your experience in a certain major or benefit you all by itself. Either way, this is something that is nothing but beneficial.

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