Codeyear Meet-Up Recap

By February 8, 2012 IT-oLogy Defined

Last night, IT-oLogy hosted the first Codeyear meet-up in Columbia, SC. Did you know that our meet-up was the 13th largest meet-up in the WORLD?!? How awesome is that! We had a room full of developers and developers in training, coming together for an hour of questions, advice and where to go next discussions. It was really neat to have a group of people who had never met, come together for one common reason: to learn to code. We had teachers, professionals, students and those just interested in learning more (like me). It was a great turnout and I’m really excited to get through the next few weeks’ lessons and attend the second meet-up. At next month’s meet-up, we are going to try to connect with Greenville and Charleston using our distance learning capabilities! We are also looking at splitting into groups based on how far people have gotten in the lessons and how advanced people are to ask our volunteer developers specific questions.

We are also looking for sponsors for the food and beverages for the meet-ups! Are you or your business interested in buying pizza and drinks for all of us learning to code? Let Karl McCollester know at [email protected].


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