Capstone Projects: A building block in TEACH IT

IT-oLogy strives to help partners in higher education connect with business partners in the community to expand the availability and scope of Capstone Projects that push the boundaries of the classroom and meet real-world challenges within the IT profession. As a foundational element of the Teach IT Initiative, IT-oLogy is working to aggregate Capstone Project models and success stories from across the country to help broaden the awareness, support and implementation of such crucial experiential learning opportunities and also stimulate innovation and new ideas.

Wikipedia reports a capstone is literally, “one of the finishing or protective stones that form the top of an exterior masonry wall or building.” A straightforward definition in the context of construction, but what about in the halls of higher education? College students and faculty in the audience will know that Capstone Projects are an integral part of the graduation requirements in many degree programs and provide seniors the opportunity to demonstrate the practical application and mastery of skills and concepts within their chosen major. Capstone Projects are the culmination of years of study and require research, project management and cross-functional teaming for successful completion. Some schools provide written, standardized projects, while others use live projects from businesses, nonprofits, or other sources. The benefits of Capstone Projects are well documented and demonstrate aptitude, experience and workforce readiness that potential employers can use as an additional marker of future success.

We invite you to be a part of IT-oLogy! Did you complete a Capstone Project in an IT field? Are you a faculty member working with Capstone teams and have expertise and ideas to share? Are you a member of the business community who wants to help mentor a team through the project process? IT-oLogy welcomes all of you to become a part of IT-oLogy and help Teach IT! Contact the Teach IT Initiative Director via email : [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!

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