Accomplishments of the Year

By May 20, 2015 Coursepower

During my time in these classes, I have not only learned a lot in terms of web design and development, and application making, but I have also seen how the practical skills I have learned have influenced the way I approach things. I’ve learned throughout My web development class and visual basic class that it is important to have an analytical eye with things. This has actually carried over into my choreographic process for dance pieces. I had a better eye for seeing what fitting together well, and what wasn’t. I even had a better eye for things like space, angles of movement, and the color scheme I needed to work with in regard to the movement and music choices. Not only that, though, I have also realized how having this computer science background can support my career with dance, or other side projects. Not only will I have a better handle on technology and trouble shooting, but I can also be a self-sufficient individual who is capable of designing and creating my own websites and applications. I actually was really excited about the website I created, so I showed one of my dance professors. She was impressed, and even mentioned that her website needed to be updated! This just goes to show me that I can even offer a service to others to also support me, and provide another trade apart from my dance degree. From being in these classes, I can see just how beneficial it is to have a background in technology, but also how well rounded it allows a person to be. This minor is definitely one that shapes not only your knowledge, but also how you react to and solve situations in and outside of a technological environment.

So, just to show some things that I have accomplished this year, I would like to share a screen captures of the website I created! I am incredibly into creating healthier alternatives to the everyday products we use, so I have been making a lot of different products over the past year. This website is designed to sell some of those products. It is by no means perfect, and I am only an amateur in terms of my knowledge and application process, but I’m definitely proud that I was able to accomplish something I would have thought was unattainable a year ago!

– Kaela Coleman
Student at Columbia College

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