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While I appreciate having hard data, I'd rather make decisions based on my gut feelings.
I much prefer to be left alone to do my work.
If I work hard, I can accomplish my goals.
I consider learning to code as similar to going to the dentist. No thanks!
I review my work to check for mistakes.
I enjoy the challenge of working on more than one project at a time.
I have difficulty putting my thoughts into words.
I find it frustrating when my teachers are too quick to move on to more advanced lessons.
I have one or more coding projects (websites, apps, etc) that I created.
Making “to-do” lists feels overwhelming.
I love learning about technology and hope to have a technology-related job.
I like to prioritize tasks before I do them.
I really enjoy socializing with others.
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I wish my teachers would move more quickly to harder material.
I can often interpret the mood of others when interacting with them.
Others have discouraged me from pursuing a career in information technology.
When I get stressed out, I freeze.
I feel devastated when someone criticizes me.
I enjoy working with others on a project.






What does nine equal?
I have my own system of work and I don’t like it when something interferes with it.
Noticing small details is one of my weaknesses.
When performing a task or making a decision, I'm much more concerned with the logic and facts than any feelings I may have for the project at hand.
I find it difficult to make new friendships.
I adjust quickly to unexpected changes in a work project.
I don’t mind solving small problems, but bigger problems are too intimidating.
I strive to look at a problem from different perspectives and come up with a variety of solutions.
Brian, Doug, Sherri, Nancy, and Luke work in an office. Rumors spread through the office according to the following rules; Rumors can be passed in either direction between Brian and Doug. Rumors can be passed from Sherri to Luke, from Luke to Nancy, and from Nancy to Doug. A rumor begun by Luke that reaches Brian will be known by all of the following employees EXCEPT who?
Which one is the odd one out?


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